Game Theory, Politics and Truth

Lewis Harrison - The Game Theory Life Hack Guru

I often get questions on the practical application of game theory to daily life and problem solving tips. I received a wonderful E-mail from a dear friend this evening describing some confusion she is having that game theory can address.

She stated “Watched Stuart Brand, author of the Whole Earth Catalogue on a 16 minute TED Talk which I found amazingly informational and startling, particularly when he was recommending GMO’s and nuclear energy.  Then on SOS, Spring of Sustainability program listened to Frances Moore Lappe (Diet for a Small Planet) someone else who deserves great respect, and the viewpoint is the opposite.  What do YOU do in cases of constant contradiction …”

I have had similar confusion about various issues important to me through the years and still have internal conversation with myself concerning new dilemmas all the time. This is what I wrote to her..

“There is no contradiction…

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